Rebecca at NASA

People who know me wouldn’t believe me when I say that I have an interest in space. I have visited the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida and have a done a lot of reading up on shuttle launches etc. So when I saw that the BBC had a new programme about people going through the astronaut selection programme I really was excited and watched in interest. As I was watching, I thought I wish I could have a go. Then I thought actually I could make my own so here is my no budget version of the BBC’s astronaut programme.

BBC Astronauts Do you have what it takes image of the contestants in blue uniform

Firstly a little bit about me, I am terrible at maths (I had to retake my GCSE!) I do have a degree in Geography (2:1) and I work in Marketing. So in this case I would already not be accepted onto the astronaut programme.

Hovering an helicopter

Since I have no budget (and I don’t think anyone would let me lose near one) I found an online game! I did quite well to be fair winching all the animals and people.

Reciting all the numbers

For this I decided to ask my partner to call out long string numbers that I didn’t know beforehand and stand up and down on a step on the stairs.

I did terrible I got the four digit number (I thought I’d better have a test try) but after five I failed miserably. I am not surprised really since numbers are not my strong point.

Staying enclosed in a small space for 20 minutes

For this I decided to shut myself in my downstairs cupboard amongst the skis and shoes. I came out at 16 minutes and 55 seconds and was really chuffed with that. I didn’t count in my head or anything like that I just thought about the latest book I had just finished and what I was having for tea and things like that. I didn’t feel claustrophobic.

Putting a syringe in my arm and drawing blood

I did draw the line at drawing my own blood! So I found this awesome game online where it was like operation, so I decided to play it. I played the heart surgery game and it was quite cute.

Saying one thing I regret

This was something I found hard and didn’t want to film it. I guess my biggest regret (which is nothing really in the grand scheme of things) was not picking the right A-Levels.

The Beep Test

One challenge I did at school! I measured out my garden and it was 10m long. I thought I may have a good chance at this as I am fairly fit. However I was awful, I only managed to get to level… 2.2!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog on the first episode of the Astronauts: Do you have what it takes programme. I am looking forward to the second one. What did you think of the programme?


Female with a plait looking out at a mountain
Originally sent into The Metro it didn’t get published in the end however I still thought it was too good to be kept in a word document. So I have published it here!
The mid- twenties is an odd age to be. You are not 18
anymore but you don’t feel like a ‘proper’ grown up either. Here are some
thoughts every mid twenty person has gone through.
aplicacion conocer gente que te cruzas OMG what have I done
with my life?
All the fun milestones such as hitting 16, 18 and 21 are
long gone and you have caught yourself thinking on more than one occasion how
things have turned out the way they have. Knowing when people
talk about young people it doesn’t mean you.
You will never be the next generation of athletes or people
who will change the world because you are so damn old.
source You take every
advantage of every opportunity because you have missed enough of them already.
You wonder what path you could have gone down if you did
take that drama class 15 years ago or done more hobbies at school.
rencontre serieuse homme musulman Seeing younger people
than you achieve so much and thinking why did I spend so much time watching
telly in the school holidays
Laura Trott achieved two Olympic golds and numerous world
titles by the time she was 20. I was still wondering what I was going to do
with my life at that point. You have had that
quarter life crisis at some point.
All exacerbated by the above.
le meilleur site de rencontre 2015 gratuit You feel like you
should have your life together.
When someone gets a better job than you even if you are
perfectly happy in your own job you can’t help feel that you should be rushing
up the career ladder.
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco from afar
source url People around you are settling down and it is perfectly ok.
Your friends and close people around you are settling down
and it’s not seen as a bad or risky thing to do.
conocer gente las palmas Taking photos seem a
little harder as many poses you would do in your late teens you wouldn’t dream
of doing now.
Even taking a selfie seems odd and you wouldn’t think of
pouting anymore.
The prospect of
getting older is very real.
Being thirty is not that far away now and it is weird that
ten years ago you were most likely to have been finishing up GCSEs or sixth

University is so long
Knowing that the recent graduates started university when I
had just finished is just sad, it felt like yesterday you were larking around
halls and going out clubbing.  

Finally although becoming older may seem scary you do also
appreciate that it is a privilege and you enjoy the journey that comes with it.

Ahh the flat where you can store two bikes, have your office, kitchen and 
the lounge all in one area.

Having lived in a flat for over a year, whilst desperately saving to get on the property ladder, you start to notice all the funny quirks which you wouldn’t necessarily get living in a house. I share a few below:


If you are going to have to wake up at five in the morning. At least turn your alarm off and not annoy everyone else with it. It’s amazing when a block of flats is eerily quiet you can hear someone’s phone alarm. 
One time someone in the flat below me went away for the weekend and left their alarm going off at half five ALL WEEKEND.
The smell of weed in the corridors
Not nice.  When my parents visit I don’t want them thinking I live in a drugs den. 
Not closing the corridor door properly
I don’t want to die because you let a psycho in as you carried your shopping in…
On the other hand, you don’t need to do any weights at the gym after lugging all your food shop up a flight of stairs.
Cheering when the footie is on
You can always tell when a massive match is on.  And who is winning without resorting to Twitter or watching it on the telly just by hearing the cheers or the swearing.
People dumping their fridges or furniture when they move
Don’t be dirty, take it to the tip. It’s free. 
People that do not put their rubbish in the bins properly
It’s not that bloody hard!

The lack of space
You become an expert in cooking with about 30cm worth of space and start googling a million different ways to store items using a shoebox. Oh and your parents get pissed off with you storing your Christmas tree in their loft.

Not having a garden
No hosting boozy outdoor parties. You always have to resort to your friends house or a pub garden. Or if you are skint opening the door that acts as a window to let the warm air in…. Closing it after ten minutes as too many flies have come in.

Hearing people having really loud sex

You only have one parking space therefore if you live with a partner. One of you is always having to parallel park in some dodgy space and you live in the hope no one scratches your car.

I only started wearing glasses in 2011 I am short sighted so need them for driving and not for reading. Although they are a pain in the arse they are for me a necessity. I share a few things that my fellow glasses wearers will resonate below:

Losing them
I always lose my glasses in the house. I have two pairs which are even worse as I lose them both. If they are not next to my bed or in the bathroom they are gone and it takes me a good two hours to find them again.

Whipping them to the top of your head every two seconds
Being short sighted I am forever taken them off to work on the computer but then having to put them back on when I need to go anywhere. After a while, it gets to be a real pain in the arse.

Paying extra for sunglasses
An annoying necessity as you don’t want to be blinded in the summer by wearing your normal glasses when driving but you don’t want to spend the money getting a separate pair of glasses to wear for about two weeks of the year!

People that wear glasses as a fashion accessory.
We are not wearing them to be cool, we need them to see! New Girl has a lot to answer for that.  

Fellow glasses wearers feeling your pity 
There is something that has to be said about trying on another glasses wearers glasses and feeling pity for them because they are so strong that they start to make your eyes go funny.

Having to wear 3D glasses over your normal glasses
3D movies are just not that great when having to wear two pairs of glasses.

Your glasses forever steaming up
Hot drinks, going inside from a freezing outside, rain. Glasses steam up everywhere and it’s a real pain in the ass.

Rain is another pain in the ass. You can’t see when it is on the glasses, you take off and wipe your glasses and you still can’t see and you can’t see with your glasses off. You are stuffed whichever way you look at it (oh wait you can’t see…)

Handing over your glasses to non-glasses wearers to try on
*silently praying they won’t break or snatch the glasses.

Getting asked why you don’t wear contacts
Because the thought of sticking my fingers in my eye balls really just puts me off.