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see I picked this book up cheap in the local charity shop (as a lot of her books
these days are). The book is about with four sisters (Annie, Candy, Sabrina and Tammy) who all come together on the4th July every year to celebrate. All the sisters are successful (as the majority of women in Danielle Steel’s books are) therefore they all live this perfect life. A car accident occurs and their mother is killed instantly. Annie who was in the car with her mother survives but due to her injuries becomes blind, the sisters on learning this decide to live with Annie for a year to help her adjust.

get link Unfortunately I just couldn’t finish the book. I understand that Danielle Steel’s book is an escape from reality but there are only so many books about TV producers, lawyers and famous models I could take. If you are familiar with Danielle Steel’s books you may well have noticed the repetition of information in this case Annie being an artist and Candy a model. We KNOW THIS twenty times already! To me it shows that she is trying to pad the book out and it got to the point where I felt like I was wasting my time, therefore I stopped reading soon after the sisters moved into the flat in New York. I am almost certain that Annie will find someone lovely to fall in love with and become something other than an artist. This book
just didn’t do it for me therefore it’s one for the charity shop.

operazioni binarire I only started wearing glasses in 2011 I am short sighted so need them for driving and not for reading. Although they are a pain in the arse they are for me a necessity. I share a few things that my fellow glasses wearers will resonate below:

Losing them
I always lose my glasses in the house. I have two pairs which are even worse as I lose them both. If they are not next to my bed or in the bathroom they are gone and it takes me a good two hours to find them again.

Whipping them to the top of your head every two seconds
Being short sighted I am forever taken them off to work on the computer but then having to put them back on when I need to go anywhere. After a while, it gets to be a real pain in the arse.

Paying extra for sunglasses
An annoying necessity as you don’t want to be blinded in the summer by wearing your normal glasses when driving but you don’t want to spend the money getting a separate pair of glasses to wear for about two weeks of the year!

People that wear glasses as a fashion accessory.
We are not wearing them to be cool, we need them to see! New Girl has a lot to answer for that.  

Fellow glasses wearers feeling your pity 
There is something that has to be said about trying on another glasses wearers glasses and feeling pity for them because they are so strong that they start to make your eyes go funny. online dating Having to wear 3D glasses over your normal glasses
3D movies are just not that great when having to wear two pairs of glasses.

go to link Your glasses forever steaming up
Hot drinks, going inside from a freezing outside, rain. Glasses steam up everywhere and it’s a real pain in the ass. Rain
Rain is another pain in the ass. You can’t see when it is on the glasses, you take off and wipe your glasses and you still can’t see and you can’t see with your glasses off. You are stuffed whichever way you look at it (oh wait you can’t see…)

tips voor binaire opties Handing over your glasses to non-glasses wearers to try on
*silently praying they won’t break or snatch the glasses.

go Getting asked why you don’t wear contacts
Because the thought of sticking my fingers in my eye balls really just puts me off.

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source I bloody love books and since I travel on the train I am always reading. Here is what I have been enjoying this month.

Leaves On The Line- Martin and Simon Toseland

A Laugh- Out- Loud read. This book goes through everyday English phrases and gives a real life interpretation of what they mean. Perfect if you want a book you can pick up at any point.

Marks and Spencer Home Spring 2015 Edition Magazine

This free magazine I grabbed whilst waiting to pick up a package has the most beautiful pictures of their homeware inside. If I wasn’t living in rented accommodation I would definitely have a list of items that I want.

The Opposite Of Loneliness- Marina Keegan

As mentioned in my reading list, this book by the late Marina Keegan demonstrates her literary talent. As the book is a selection of essays and short stories it has again a book you can dip in and out of. Recommendations of stories to read include The Emerald City, Challenger Deep, Even Artichokes Have Doubts, Against The Grain and finally, of course, The Opposite Of Loneliness.

Love Is Not Enough- Merryn Somerset Webb

Although I am not awful with my money I could do better. Love Is Not Enough is essentially a dummies guide on how to improve your finances specifically for women. The book is split into sections that you are likely to encounter in your life such as children, marriage, divorce, investments, pensions etc. What I liked about this book, in particular, is the candid writing style Merryn adopts. It is not stuffy, it is spoken to women who need help understanding the basics.

Strong Woman

Karren Brady is a woman I admire, from Managing Director of Birmingham City FC from the age of 23, she is a true woman made of grit. I have watched all of The Apprentices with her in it and enjoy reading her Cosmopolitan column. I have had this book a couple of years now and is definitely not a new book out. However, I picked it up as from time to time you always need an inspirational story and this is it. Karen talks about what drives her to success (mainly motivation and sheer hard work) and how she has found managing it all with children, TV work and other interests.


One that isn’t featured in my photograph above because I forgot to add it in! #GIRLBOSS similar to Strong Woman in that it details how Sophia Amoruso built her Nasty Gal busy up from a tiny eBay shop to the empire it is today. This book shows how hard work and determination really pays off and is so easy to read. I read it in two days.


It is hard trying to balance
a blog, job and free time
(Image Source: Authors own)

This is something which if you look at my blog and the amount of posts I manage to write you can see I struggle at and that is balancing a blog and a full-time job. Many bloggers are in full-time employment or have other time-consuming activities can still manage it- yet I find it very hard. I have read countless number of blogs detailing how bloggers do it and have tried some of their recommendations, but I still struggle. Therefore, today’s post essentially details why I find it hard. I hope I find other bloggers reading this can relate to some of these points.

Sheer tiredness.
As well as having a full-time job I spend an hour each way travelling to and from work (yes I admit some people do think I am mad). In total that’s about 10 hours away from my house. So when I get back all I want to do is flop in front of the telly or read a book. I have a partner at home as well so want to spend time with him and after I have done the housework I don’t have much time left to settle down and write a blog post before bed. I have tried writing posts on the train, but it is hard with limited internet connection (and I don’t want to buy WiFi for the train).

Looking at a screen all day
As my job is looking at a computer screen for 7 1/2 hours a day (and sometimes writing articles as well), the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen for the rest of the evening. I am also conscious that I will be damaging my eyes long term if I keep looking at a screen. My eyes really ache sometimes from looking at a screen so long that I get headaches so I have to limit the number of hours I stare at the screen.

Things just keep popping up
I exercise twice a week in the evenings (and I am way too tired after a circuits session to write a post!) and then something else will come up = no time to work on the blog.

Does anybody else suffer from balancing a blog and a full time job?

I love reading and there is nothing more I enjoy doing than sitting down with a good book as the day goes by. If you are thinking about reading more this year or looking for something new to read take a look at the books I have read in the past year below:
Looking For Alaska- John Green
The Understudy- David Nicholls
Starter For Ten- David Nicholls
The Last Telegram- Liz Trenow
Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn
Limestreet Blues- Maureen Lee
The Opposite of Loneliness Essays and Stories- Marina Keegan
Likeable Social Media- David Kerpen
Happier At Home- Gretchen Rubin
The Happiness Project- Gretchen Rubin
Student- David Belbin
Love Lessons- David Belbin
Until The End Of Time- Danielle Steel
Lone Eagle- Danielle Steel
Fine Things- Danielle Steel
Pictures Of You- Jane Elmor
Molly’s War- Maggie Hope
Sh*t My Dad Says- Justin Halpern
When Science Goes Wrong- Simon Levay
Birdsong- Sebastian Faulks
A Week In December- Sebastian Faulks
Atonement- Ian McEwan
The Midwife’s Confession- Diane Chamberlain
It’s Your Time You’re Wasting- Frank Chalk
Firefly Lane- Kristin Hannah
Fly Away- Kristin Hannah
Perfect Match- Jodi Picoult
The Storyteller- Jodi Picoult