Hello, So a post today about the recent Channel 4 Pop Up day I attended. Channel 4 along with My Kinda Future arranges several Pop Up days each year for ages between 16- 25 to find young upcoming talent but also educate those that are interested in a media career. The talent day focuses on three areas (digital marketing, marketing and TV production) and you choose one. To get on a talent day you have to fill out an application form (it is like a job application form).

When you get a place you are encouraged to join Hiive this network for creative professionals. I have joined Hiive but not sure what I think about it yet. I joined the Channel 4 swarm which is a group for those who attended the C4 day, so I knew a few people who were going beforehand.

When I got there I found that I was put into the Digital Marketing group, we were put into a hall where the head of 4Talent spoke to us and showed us a Channel 4 showreel. Afterwards, the Executive Producer of Maverick TV, Kirsty Lord, showed us Maverick’s showreel and spoke to us about her career journey through media and how she got there. Maverick was there because one of their centres is based in the Midlands (Birmingham) and they are always on the lookout for local talent. It also shows us that you don’t need to move to London to have a career in media.
Her words were work as hard as possible and take every opportunity you can. Very wise indeed! Afterwards, we were split into our groups for our respective talks.

Cheeky image inside the Digital Marketing workshop

In the Digital Marketing workshop, we got a talk about digital marketing from My Kinda Future which is an agency that works with young people to help students explore their career options post education. As I already work in Marketing (and the age range was so vast) it was pitched a little low for me but it was great for those that wanted to see what it was all about or doesn’t have any experience. We were then told that for our afternoon task in the groups we were going to create a digital campaign for the Rio 2016 Paralympics based on the word pride and that we would present our idea to Aaron and Mark who worked at Maverick and a Continuity Presenter for Channel 4. The two winning groups would get an experience day at Channel 4 and the overall winning group would present their idea in London and battle it out for a career development prize.

Bit of brainstorming in the workshop

After lunch, we created our digital campaign and presented it to the judges, although my team didn’t win it gave me some ideas and also I didn’t realise until after that pitching that I actually pitched to industry specialists, which I had never done before and is a really big thing!

Two other industry talks followed, one from the Continuity Presenter at Channel 4 who grew up in Wolverhampton (where the Talent Day was held) and one from Erin Jane who worked in the Marketing Department at Channel 4.

Erin’s talk was really good because she hammered home how important it is to look outside the box and take every opportunity you can get. She worked in International Relations in America rather than going to an American university to study in her year abroad and she got herself a mentor in her final year at Birmingham University. Both of which helped her see what she wanted to do. In addition when she applied for the role at Channel 4 she wanted it so badly she travelled down to London and asked to meet a member of staff who worked in HR to talk about the job, the Receptionist was so shocked that she actually let Erin speak to a member of HR and she managed to set up a meeting for that day. It goes to show if you want an opportunity that badly and you demonstrate how and why you want it, it will help you in the long run.

Erin offering her advice

So that was it! It was a really good day even just for the networking. I met some brilliant people and I really felt invested in Channel 4, what I mean by that is I felt that they offer lots of career pathways for anyone to take up and they really want young people to get involved.

Interested in Channel 4 pop up. Look at their site here.

I have done some work with the BBC too! Look at my BBC Generation2015 profile here.

I also write for Metro.co.uk in my spare time and a few other sites. Look at my article list here.


I realised the other day that I had never changed my favicon on my blog. As I am currently getting my blog to a level of professionalism. It meant that I had to change the Blogger favicon to my own.
Not everyone has Photoshop on their computer, especially if you are starting out. I don’t have the software as my computer is so old, loading Photoshop will just cause it to break and I need my laptop to survive another year. So I found PicMonkey instead! Here is a little tutorial on how to make a favicon using PicMonkey.
What is a favicon?
A favicon is a little image at the top tab where your blog title is (yep I had to ask my partner what one was first).
How to create the favicon:

Open up PicMonkey and click on design.
Select a plain background and click text. Add the initials of your blog into the background. Increase the text size so it is as large as possible.
Save the image as a JPEG I saved mine in size 100x100px
Open up Blogger.
Go to the layout on the left-hand side of the site.
Click it and then click on edit on the Favicon section which is at the top of the page.
Upload the favicon and save.
Your favicon should now work. You may need to clear the cache if it doesn’t show immediately although oddly enough it took a few days for mine to show through.

Female with a plait looking out at a mountain
Originally sent into The Metro it didn’t get published in the end however I still thought it was too good to be kept in a word document. So I have published it here!
The mid- twenties is an odd age to be. You are not 18
anymore but you don’t feel like a ‘proper’ grown up either. Here are some
thoughts every mid twenty person has gone through.
iq option come prelevare OMG what have I done
with my life?
All the fun milestones such as hitting 16, 18 and 21 are
long gone and you have caught yourself thinking on more than one occasion how
things have turned out the way they have.
Knowing when people
talk about young people it doesn’t mean you.
You will never be the next generation of athletes or people
who will change the world because you are so damn old.
go here You take every
advantage of every opportunity because you have missed enough of them already.
You wonder what path you could have gone down if you did
take that drama class 15 years ago or done more hobbies at school.
trade 212 opzioni digitali Seeing younger people
than you achieve so much and thinking why did I spend so much time watching
telly in the school holidays
Laura Trott achieved two Olympic golds and numerous world
titles by the time she was 20. I was still wondering what I was going to do
with my life at that point.
http://metodosalargarpene.es/ebioer/4667 You have had that
quarter life crisis at some point.
All exacerbated by the above.
source site You feel like you
should have your life together.
When someone gets a better job than you even if you are
perfectly happy in your own job you can’t help feel that you should be rushing
up the career ladder.
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco from afar
http://zspskorcz.pl/pictose/eseit/1697 People around you are settling down and it is perfectly ok.
Your friends and close people around you are settling down
and it’s not seen as a bad or risky thing to do.
get link Taking photos seem a
little harder as many poses you would do in your late teens you wouldn’t dream
of doing now.
Even taking a selfie seems odd and you wouldn’t think of
pouting anymore.
The prospect of
getting older is very real.
Being thirty is not that far away now and it is weird that
ten years ago you were most likely to have been finishing up GCSEs or sixth
artane 10 mg 325 University is so long
Knowing that the recent graduates started university when I
had just finished is just sad, it felt like yesterday you were larking around
halls and going out clubbing. noroxin 100mg 75mg  

Finally although becoming older may seem scary you do also
appreciate that it is a privilege and you enjoy the journey that comes with it.


Laptop on a table with notepad for blogging

I have hosted Twitter chat’s before . It was a really good experience and one I would do again. There were some fun moments and some moments where I was thinking no one is going to talk to me! This post will go through my experience and some pointers to keep in mind when thinking of hosting one.

How did I go about hosting a chat?

I am signed up to Pick A Blogger’s free subscription service and saw on their Twitter an advert advertising people for their chat. I went onto the page and emailed a topic (Past, Present and Future of blogging, if you wanted to know) and four questions I wanted to ask. This was back in July, I got an email confirming the date a day later. The week before I got an DM from them checking I was ok to do the chat and if I had any questions. I asked when do I need to start advertising heavily about it and they said from now. Pick a blogger tweeted me out on their chat Twitter page a few times on the week of the chat.

What is the chat like?

When I first started I was really nervous, I sent out a tweet that morning saying I was doing the chat and then sent a tweet out an hour before reminding people and asking if they were having a good Sunday which I got some interaction with. I sent another tweet which was with five minutes to go and then bang on five I just started the chat.

At first I wasn’t getting any responses and I was so nervous. But Pick a Blogger tweeted out my chat and after about five minutes in I was getting interaction. I was making a conscious effort to favorite and comment on every comment I was receiving. At one point my phone was going crazy with over fifty notifications! As I had four questions I made it so one question was asked every fifteen minutes which worked well as it kept the conversation flowing. I wrapped it up at the end by asking people to share their links. Pick a Blogger kindly thanked me for taking part and asked me to host one again in the future.

The chat was what I thought it would be, to be honest, I hoped more people would take part but I was grateful for those that did take part. At the end of the day they are giving up their hour for you!

Would you do it again?

Yes I would, I want to try another one though to get different experiences.


  • Don’t feel disheartened if there are not many people responding, sometimes it takes a while for the conversation to warm up.
  • Obvious, but make sure you are in a place with a good internet connection.
  • I would use a laptop or computer to chat, I found it easy to keep on track looking at everything on a big screen than a tiny phone and it wouldn’t use as much battery up.
  • Have you hosted a Twitter chat? What are your thoughts?


Sky Ride Leicester

Cheeky selfie before the ride 😉

In my spare time, I cycle regularly and follow cycling as well. Although I have been to a few cycle races (including a Track World Cup in Manchester and the Tour De France). I have never done a Sky Ride. This post today outlines my Sky Ride experience in Leicester.

Cycling through Leicester City Stadium
Through the stadium

What is Sky Ride?
Sky Ride is an event where you cycle 5 miles (8K) on traffic free roads at your own pace with people at all ages. Sometimes professional cyclists make an appearance ( I had Emily Kay Olympic Academy rider and Ian Stannard Team Sky rider at mine). There are others things to do after the event such as getting your bike checked out for free (which I highly recommend as you have to pay in the shops for that) and other professional riders doing tricks on their bikes.

Waiting to start the Sky Ride
At the beginning

How did the day work out?
The ride started at ten however you could turn up whatever time you wanted. I turned up at the beginning because I wanted to be at the start line with everyone else and also I wanted to go to the athlete question and answer session which was at 12.00. Luckily we didn’t have any problem parking (before you ask I don’t live anywhere near Leicester so had to drive to get there!). I got signed in pretty quickly and given the yellow bib. I like the bibs because they are reusable, but I felt like part of a team. My partner and I got lined up and I had to say I did feel like I taking part in a race. I said to James it will probably be the only time I am ever in a peloton 😉 The presenter counted us down and we were off!

Cycling in Leicester City football stadium

What was the ride like?
The ride the first time round was good fun. Although I ride a lot I have never ridden in the city centre particularly one I haven’t been in before and I really enjoyed it. The ride had a sprint section where I raced with my partner (he won, boo!) a ‘party’ section with loud music and bubbles and it went through Leicester City football stadium which was quite cool! There were various points with things going on such as the bike checks and local cycle clubs advertising themselves which you could drop in and out of. The second time round I got my bike checked for free ( I was pretty impressed that my bike was in good condition having done well over 1000 miles) and I met Emily Kay and asked her some questions (she was lovely). When we got back we had a look at some bikes that were on display (Bradley Wiggins 2012 time trial bike and Victoria Pendleton’s sprint bike) and attended the athlete Q &A session.

Bradley Wiggins Time Trial bike

Bradley Wiggins Time Trial bike
This was Victoria Pendleton's sprint bike
This was Victoria Pendleton’s sprint bike
Emily Kay and Ian Stannard
The athlete Q&A


  • I recommend signing up online so you spend less time in the queue.
  • Watch out for people who are not as bike savvy and children. I got cut up numerous times by kids who swerved all over the place. 
  • Get your bike checked, it’s free so there is no reason not to take it up. There were a few kids bikes I saw that were in bad condition (rusty chains etc) that I hope got checked. 
Find out more or join up at goskyride.com