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I am a sucker for making resolutions, to the extent that I don’t just make them at Christmas I make them throughout the year. There is something, however, about being able to start the new year with a goal or idea that appeals to me. However I break a lot of them as well. This post details my journey of resolutions made throughout the years and which ones I stuck at but which ones I broke and why.

Writing in a diary

Back when I was in high school I had the great idea of writing in a diary for the entire year. I had tried before and failed in many aspects but this one I was determined to stick at. And I did. I stuck at it for two and a half years! I am so glad I did because these diaries have provided me with a comprehensive view of my time at high school, those thoughts, feelings and who I fancied – which I would not have had otherwise.

Learning to ride in cleats

I ride my bicycle a lot. In fact I have two bikes (a mountain and road bike) and I love cycling and am regularly on Strava and if I am not cycling I am watching cycling or talking about cycling. You get the picture. I bought cleats three years ago as I knew more cycling I knew I needed to start wearing them. I got the pedals fitted onto my bike and practised around the Uni car park and the field. I was doing pretty well with only a few accidents until I had a nasty fall down Stoke canal. Safe to say I haven’t clipped in since.

Writing more on my blog

This one makes me really sad. I really want to create a blog where I am constantly posting, have pretty pictures and create something I am proud of. I do find it hard (and I know I am certainly not alone) in having the time to create this content and keep on top of it. This has set me back in my other blog goals such as entering awards and going to blog events as I never thought my blog was established enough. This year my blog will be top priority.

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Partaking in more twitter chats

I really enjoy twitter chats and have hosted a few of them myself too. This year I want to partake in a few new ones and keep setting myself reminders for the others.

Going to a blogger event

As above going to a blog event will be really big for me. It will be exciting networking with other people.

Spending less time surfing the net

I am terrible at just browsing the internet whilst watching TV or to put things off. 2017 I want to spend more time on hobbies.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Good Girls Revolt Poster

One of the best series on Amazon Prime recently has been Good Girls Revolt, based on the real court case that happened at Newsweek where female researchers sued over their right to become reporters. Starring Genevieve Angelson, Anna Camp, Erin Darke and Chris Diamantopoulos, series 1 has just finished. But Amazon has cancelled season 2 and it is currently been shopped around. The show was very well produced and here is why it should stay:

Women planning together to create change

The programme demonstrated well the researchers getting together and planning the court case. It also showed that the girls had something to lose. Patty didn’t tell Doug because she didn’t trust him, Cindy knew that her husband Lenny wouldn’t approve as he wanted her as a housewife. Naomi nearly pulled out as she was going to lose her flat due to her needing her husbands signature but he was away in Vietnam as she was not allowed to be the owner on the mortgage. The irony being that Naomi had put the down entire downpayment on the mortgage When Jane realised that she wasn’t going to get to write a story by merit, seeing that Gregory saw her as a sex toy and that Fran, a fellow researcher, has been working at News of the Week since she graduated and is now nearing retirement showed that something had to be done.

It wasn’t just about the feminism story

It wasn’t just women fighting for equal rights. The African – American Civil Rights movement was between 1954 – 1968 and the Black Panther storyline where Doug is questioned on his white privilege was a reminder that african americans were fighting to end racial segregation and discrimination.

How women still didn’t have as much freedom in the 60’s

At News of the Week, women couldn’t be reporters (they could elsewhere). If a reporter quit before the deadline the female reporters could finish it however the male reporter’s name would be on the byline. Women were expected in the office to make the men tea and coffee as well as research. The male reporters and even the Editor in Chief would make sexist jokes and remarks about the females. One memorable scene where the male reporters and Finn are choosing the photograph for the front page of the female liberation movement and they keep making lots of crass comments about the different females images they were looking at.

The researchers couldn’t go out to the meetings (which were dominated by men anyway). Men were paid a lot more than women – this was demonstrated well in the show where Patty remarks that Doug is paid three times more than she is. Cindy steals the sheet which details the staff’s wages which by the girls expression shows that they were very underpaid compared to the men.  The workplace may have changed in having women work but still that support for working women with children was not quite there. Shown by Angie who takes her Vera, her sick child, to work and hides Vera underneath her desk.

That wanting to be a wife is ok

In the second episode we see Patty answering a knock on the door by her younger sister. Her sister has come to tell her that she is recently engaged and invites Patty to a meal at their parents house. Patty laments the fact to Doug (amongst others) how her sister wanted to be a painter and travel across Europe but now wants to be a wife and Patty feels that it is a waste. When her sister confronts Patty and tells her that that is not her dream anymore and that it is ok to be a wife. We learn as a viewer that it is ok to want to be a wife and stay at home parent as long as you make that choice and not have someone make it for you.

We are all human

Patty who desperately wants to be a journalist messed up an article that Doug said she could write on his behalf (you could argue was due to the fact that she has never been able to write articles before). This humanises Patty, stops her being the perfect super girl the programme was up to this point was in danger of her making.  Sam messed up an interview which was saved by Jane. Gabriel had Denise helped him research and write an article he wouldn’t have written without. This enhances the girls contributions to the newsroom.

A reminder that abortion is still illegal in many countries and is a taboo subject for many

When Angie finds herself pregnant, Cindy rallies the girls round and they all pitch in to pay for her to have an abortion. Cindy accompanies Angie to the abortion clinic and this is when we learn that Cindy herself as had an abortion at that same clinic.  This touching, delicate storyline was shot with upmost dignity and a poignant reminder that many women still face this situation  today.

That looks can be deceiving

Cindy looks like a girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly however there is this inner strength that she has and is portrayed brilliantly. From planning the court case with Patty, having an abortion, confronting her husband about him purposely piercing her diaphragm and approaching Bea  by flying out on her own from New York to Washington and leaving her husband. Cindy knows what she wants and will work at it until she gets it.

Women can emotionally be taken advantage of but make bad decisions too

I am talking about Patty and Finn and Cindy and Ned. Both were taken advantage off emotionally however they succumbed to this and ultimately they are old and wise enough to know what they are doing.

I really enjoyed the programme and it has so much more to give. This was evidently seen in the last episode where Finn finds out Patty is part of the court case and the fall out from this, Cindy leaving her husband behind, Jane handing back her cheque for her rent to her father as she wants to make it on her own. You could tell those scenes were being keyed up for a next series. The fact that Amazon cancelled the show just after one series is so disappointing.

I would love to hear your views on my article and the series. Let me know in the comments below!

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I really enjoy Twitter chats, I take part in them and I have hosted them as well.

I recently hosted an #lbloggers chat with my topic about ‘Creating a movement on the internet’. It was a topic that I hadn’t really seen much written about online so I was excited to see everyone’s thoughts.

My first question was:

Do you feel that blogs have empowered people to create their own movements or join one?

What was interesting with this was I saw a movement as something such as feminism however a lot of Twitter users saw it as building their own communities.

In addition twitter users that took part in the conversation as a whole felt that blogs helped people connect with other like-minded people and increase the confidence in expressing themselves.


Do you think the internet can be a more effective way to support causes from behind a screen rather than being out there?

Twitter users found that starting from behind a screen can be a brilliant way to dip your toes in activism and then as confidence grows and physically getting out there seems possible.

A Twitter conversation regarding activismOne twitter user bought up the very valid point that it depends on the blog and the blogger and I whole heartily agree.

My blog is less likely to get people involved or support a cause compared to a blog with millions of followers.

Are you involved in activism?

I am not involved in activism myself at all other than the odd retweet and reading Lenny Letter (a feminist newsletter). I was interested to see if other people were. Jasiminne Yip from Posh, Broke and Bored wrote about her experiences volunteering with the Greyhound Trust and Crisis UK. One twitter user pointed out that mental health issues was widely being recognised.

Lauren from Blonde Vision has done volunteering for the Race for Life, packing Christmas presents for children in Ghana.

A Twitter user, Ada Lovelace said that she volunteers at the local library and donates to charity. Another user said that she speaks up for small indie businesses.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.




So you are final year of uni (or college) and thinking ‘what the hell am I going to do next’? Yep that was me in my final year of uni. Nearly four years later I am now a Marketing and Communications Coordinator role and am very pleased in my role.

My experience job hunting was pretty average. I started applying for jobs after Easter of my final year which, as a tip, if you are thinking of doing a graduate scheme you need to be looking around about September of your final year. Going into my job hunt I lacked confidence. I felt that the skills I had learned from my degree was not enough. I got caught in the whole cycle of ‘got the degree but no experience’ which was an awful position to be in to be honest.
When I started applying for roles I signed up to a lot of job search engines (Monster, Reed and my uni’s own bespoke job search engine). I wrote my CV and got my partner to look it over and then I uploaded them. I would upload a cover letter and CV bespoke for each job because let’s face it, you don’t want to give an easy reason for a rejection.
My first jobs I applied for were just shop jobs to keep me going and allow me to stay in my old uni town. Additionally I already had my summer job as a cleaner lined up ( I had been cleaning in halls every summer since first year). It was a 16 week contract so knew I had 16 weeks to get myself a job full-time role.
After a few failed interviews I really started to ramp up the job hunt in June. I was applying for jobs every night and by then the interviews were coming in and, on average, I was going to one interview a week.  My work was really supportive and let me have the time I needed for those interviews. I would google all of these interview questions  and  get my partner to practice them with me. On my seventh week cleaning I went for an interview to become a market researcher at an Students’ Union. I was really ill that week ( I had flu), had been sick and was so close to not attending the interview but went anyway. Luckily I performed well and got the job.
What lessons did I learn from job hunting
I didn’t have the option to give up because if I wanted to live with my partner I had to earn money. However some graduates that I knew were living at home not doing a lot and waiting for the ‘perfect’ job.
Looking back, for those interviews I did do my homework and sat and learned as much as possible about the organisations (it is a pet hate of mine for people to turn up to interviews and not know anything about the organisation they are interviewing for).
Practice, practice, practice – get someone to interview you. Google questions relating to the role you are interviewing for.
Make sure you are passionate, is so important for any role and can make up if you are lacking in skills.
If I had my time at University again what would I do different to help my career

I would certainly have had a part-time job throughout term rather than just in the holidays. Preferably several different ones (not all at the same time) so I could get some experience.

Has anybody had any good or bad interview experiences?

Picture of trees at Cannock Chase ANOB

When I was at high school there used to be a thought of the day at form time and most of the time I didn’t pay attention to them. One day however one thought my form tutor read out was ”Would you want to see into the future?”. I automatically thought yes – I wanted to know if I was going to die early or not so I could take steps to avoid it! However one guy (who was an utter jerk) said no because life would be boring if it wasn’t a surprise and that got me thinking.

This was nearly ten years ago now and recently I have been thinking about that moment as so much has happened in the last ten years, some good – some sad, that truthfully I could not have predicted. Even this year has been one hell of a journey going from being a Marketing Assistant to running the department and from being engaged and planning a wedding to not. I have lived in the West Midlands for seven years and Yorkshire for two, and I thought I would live in Lincolnshire my entire life. I have been to America three times to six different states and I remember at school that being only a pipe dream.

So after all that would I want to know what I had in store for the future? To be honest no – the element of surprise is all part of the fun and sometimes some best experiences are to be had from unmade plans. I see life as one hell of a learning process and that we all learn the same lessons just in different ways. I would love to read your thoughts below.