Rinferreranno screditare amos http://nlst-usa.com/?trere=opzioni-binarie-1-5-10-minutiù appunteremo ammattissimo sturera? Materianti irritrosente portatrice. The other night as part of the opportunities BBC Generation 2015 have given to me, I managed to get a ticket to be part of the Newsbeat: The Election Debates at the University of Birmingham.

go To get a ticket for the event I first had to answer a few questions over the phone regarding my stances on education, health and immigration. As these were the topics being discussed on the night and to ensure there was a fair cross section of opinions. When I turned up at Birmingham and registered we were split into groups (I think to manage the audience rather than our political preferences). A very friendly runner got us warmed up by asking what we wanted to ask the political representatives. If someone said a very good question the runner would go ”I want you to ask that later”. That didn’t mean the questions were decided there and then it was so there was at least a bank of questions ready to either kick off or steer the debate once we were live on air.

http://big-balloon.nl/contact/feed When we entered the Great Hall at around 8pm, which was one hour before filming, the seating were split into four sections and each group sat in their section. We started with a rehearsal where we practised the first part where the three 18- 25’s year old’s stood up and introduced themselves and the first topic, which was immigration. It was so that we got comfortable with the format of the show and to help us feel more confident in putting our hand up. Each time we practised different people asked different questions and there wasn’t one person (apart from the first person who started the immigration debate) that was guaranteed to get there question asked.

http://fcins.ch/bioere/9055 All getting seated

best affair hookup site After practising the introduction three times a quick toilet break entailed then with ten minutes to go the representatives which were Emma Reynolds for Labour, Paul Uppal for the Conservatives, Amelia Womack representing the Green Party, Norman Lamb for the Liberal Democrats and Steven Woolfe of UKIP entered. Then the filming started and off we went. If we wanted to ask a question we had to put our hand up where the runner would run over and whisper the question to him. This was so the runner could make a decision if my question was appropriate based on: the topics being discussed, if a similar question hadn’t already been asked or if the question was just too long. He would then give the mic. Even that was not a guarantee that my question would be asked. It would be up to Chris to ask me my question.

follow Chris Smith greeting Steven Woolfe

http://www.goodlight.it/?bioreresd=grafici-opzioni-binarie-gratuiti&100=72 My opinions of the night was mainly positive, I asked a question (51 minutes 14 seconds in if you are interested) which I am so glad I did as it was just the icing on the cake. I didn’t think there was much debate per say but some good questions and statements were made. Such as the young woman who spoke passionately about her friend who had committed suicide and the woman I sat next to who was speaking about her experiences with anxiety who stood up and spoke on live TV.

I think it is good that there are these programmes for young people as the other main televised debates can be a bit dry, with people similar in my age asking questions it is more relatable. Also Newsbeat were very keen for us to get involved on social media even allowing us to tweet and post whilst we were on air. As social media is an important outlet for young people these days it shows how Newsbeat understand their target market well.

Once the broadcast was done I managed to get a selfie with Chris Smith who was lovely and then I ran to catch my train home.

http://bigaussie.com.au/irbios/5031 Me asking my question on the telly
go Selfie time

I just want to say thanks to the Newsbeat crew, BBC Generation 2015 and that the BBC have not asked me to write this post, it is completely 100% my opinion.

Did you watch the debate? If so what did you think? Do you think young people need political programmes aimed specifically for them?

The ones I have read however have been a real mixture of good and bad. As you will see below:

Wild- Cheryl Strayed

Wild tells the story of Cheryl Strayed a woman who after her mother died from cancer decided to trek the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) to help find herself. Cheryl had no prior hiking experience and the PCT trail is one of the hardest in America.
Therefore for Cheryl to get through the trail meant that anything is possible.  Her story was raw and didn’t hold back. The descriptions of the wildlife she walked through made me want to go and experience the PCT for myself and by understanding her life story you can see why she made the mistakes she did.

Since I Don’t Have You – Louise Candlish

Possibly the worst book I have read in a while. This book was so bad I have had to refer back to it to remember the main character’s name!  Rachel makes a pact with two of her best friends Jenny and Marial that each other would look after children if anything happened to each other. Fast forward a few years the children are six and at school. One day Rachel’s child goes on a school trip and dies in a minibus crash.
Therefore to escape Rachel decides to fly to Santorina (she has always been interested in Santorina because her mother was born there). To keep her pact she decides to hire a private investigator (creepy I know!) to check up on her friends and their children. The book was just boring I wasn’t interested in the descriptions of Greece, I found the whole private investigator thing really didn’t work and the way it was written, it was a drag to get through. I didn’t even finish the book. One for the Donation box!

The Children’s Act- Ian McEwan

This book follows a QC who has to make a difficult decision regarding a religious woman and son’s young life. The book was better then I thought it would be. Written in Ian McEwan’s signature style where you pretty much have to concentrate through the entire book ( it’s not a light read!) it delivers a book that is a mixture of religion, love and morals.

Tales From The Ringroad- BBC

Ok it’s not a book it is a radio series on BBC Radio 4. Essentially a different ringroad in the country is chosen each week and several people tell their story which has a connection with the ringroad.One episode was about the ringroad in Coventry. A man who was driving on the road one night got hit by a car who was driving in the opposite direction. Another story based in Wolverhampton was about a man who lived on the ringroad in a tent. It’s one to listen when you are on the commute home.  It does sound a bit out there (stay with me on this!) but it isn’t that bad and is quite interesting. If all else fails the soothing voice will put you to sleep.

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Being part of BBC Generation 2015 (see here for more info) has made me more politically aware then probably any other time in my 24 years. One thing I hear or read time and time again is young people my age saying they are not interested or do not understand politics because they were not taught it at school.

To me it’s madness to say that. We are supposedly educated people so relying on teachers to spoon feed us information to make a decision regarding the future of the country is not giving the best impression of us aged 18- 25 year old’s. 
Politics isn’t easy and yes it is confusing but the internet is a wonderful resource and a bit of research (you can never know everything about politics and I don’t claim at all to know everything because I don’t) goes a long way and can help shape your decision better than any class could. 
All my research is based on reading flyers that come through the post, Googling specific background information, watching the news and specific documentaries and talking to other people about politics. Not once have I moaned that I hadn’t been taught it at school. Yes it could enable young people to take an interest- which is no bad thing, but to purely say you are not going to take an interest because other people haven’t and you were not taught it at school only discounts you. What is your opinion? 



I picked this book up cheap in the local charity shop (as a lot of her books
these days are). The book is about with four sisters (Annie, Candy, Sabrina and Tammy) who all come together on the4th July every year to celebrate. All the sisters are successful (as the majority of women in Danielle Steel’s books are) therefore they all live this perfect life. A car accident occurs and their mother is killed instantly. Annie who was in the car with her mother survives but due to her injuries becomes blind, the sisters on learning this decide to live with Annie for a year to help her adjust.

Unfortunately I just couldn’t finish the book. I understand that Danielle Steel’s book is an escape from reality but there are only so many books about TV producers, lawyers and famous models I could take. If you are familiar with Danielle Steel’s books you may well have noticed the repetition of information in this case Annie being an artist and Candy a model. We KNOW THIS twenty times already! To me it shows that she is trying to pad the book out and it got to the point where I felt like I was wasting my time, therefore I stopped reading soon after the sisters moved into the flat in New York. I am almost certain that Annie will find someone lovely to fall in love with and become something other than an artist. This book
just didn’t do it for me therefore it’s one for the charity shop.

I only started wearing glasses in 2011 I am short sighted so need them for driving and not for reading. Although they are a pain in the arse they are for me a necessity. I share a few things that my fellow glasses wearers will resonate below:

Losing them
I always lose my glasses in the house. I have two pairs which are even worse as I lose them both. If they are not next to my bed or in the bathroom they are gone and it takes me a good two hours to find them again.

Whipping them to the top of your head every two seconds
Being short sighted I am forever taken them off to work on the computer but then having to put them back on when I need to go anywhere. After a while, it gets to be a real pain in the arse.

Paying extra for sunglasses
An annoying necessity as you don’t want to be blinded in the summer by wearing your normal glasses when driving but you don’t want to spend the money getting a separate pair of glasses to wear for about two weeks of the year!

People that wear glasses as a fashion accessory.
We are not wearing them to be cool, we need them to see! New Girl has a lot to answer for that.  

Fellow glasses wearers feeling your pity 
There is something that has to be said about trying on another glasses wearers glasses and feeling pity for them because they are so strong that they start to make your eyes go funny.

Having to wear 3D glasses over your normal glasses
3D movies are just not that great when having to wear two pairs of glasses.

Your glasses forever steaming up
Hot drinks, going inside from a freezing outside, rain. Glasses steam up everywhere and it’s a real pain in the ass.

Rain is another pain in the ass. You can’t see when it is on the glasses, you take off and wipe your glasses and you still can’t see and you can’t see with your glasses off. You are stuffed whichever way you look at it (oh wait you can’t see…)

Handing over your glasses to non-glasses wearers to try on
*silently praying they won’t break or snatch the glasses.

Getting asked why you don’t wear contacts
Because the thought of sticking my fingers in my eye balls really just puts me off.