Thought of the day – Do you wish you could see what your future has planned for you?

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here When I was at high school there used to be a thought of the day at form time and most of the time I didn’t pay attention to them. One day however one thought my form tutor read out was ”Would you want to see into the future?”. I automatically thought yes – I wanted to know if I was going to die early or not so I could take steps to avoid it! However one guy (who was an utter jerk) said no because life would be boring if it wasn’t a surprise and that got me thinking. This was nearly ten years ago now and recently I have been thinking about that moment as so much has happened in the last ten years, some good – some sad, that truthfully I could not have predicted. Even this year has been one hell of a journey going from being a Marketing Assistant to running the department and from being engaged and planning a wedding to not. I have lived in the West Midlands for seven years and Yorkshire for two, and I thought I would live in Lincolnshire my entire life. I have been to America three times to six different states and I remember at school that being only a pipe dream. So after all that would I want to know what I had in store for the future? To be honest no – the element of surprise is all part of the fun and sometimes some best experiences are to be had from unmade plans. I see life as one hell of a learning process and that we all learn the same lessons just in different ways. I would love to read your thoughts below.