How to #win at a Twitter chat

Oooo so I have been a bit naughty and not posted on here for a while. In all honesty with my full time job and my CIM course starting back up again, it has been hard to manage the time and I don’t want to provide content which is rubbish. I am back however and today I am talking about how to make the most of a Twitter chat!

A Twitter chat (incase you don’t know, this site is written for blogger and social media newbies!) is where lots of likeminded bloggers come together and usually answer and then discuss four or five questions in an hour on a particular topic that happened to be that week. I have hosted one chat myself on #PABChat and will be hosting another one on March 14th (if you are interested!). However I have taken part in a few including #bloghour hosting by the UK Blog Awards and #lbloggers chat. From being a weekly avid user of #bloghour after a while I found the chats to get boring in general so I looked into what and why I found the chats boring. So I share some tips below for you getting the most out of your chats:

1) Don’t just use the chat to promote yourself.
If you are only joining in a chat to promote yourself then don’t bother. I don’t mind people promoting themselves at the beginning or at the end of the chat, if they have to leave midway though (and have contributed) or use the hashtag when the chat isn’t happening (I have done that). I just hate random companies that promote part way through. It just clogs up the feed and half the time it’s not hitting the target market for their product anyway.

2) Only join the chat if you are interested with the topic
#bloghour chat is great and I joined in every week but I found after a while I was losing interest because some weeks there were topics that I was just not interested with at all. By just taking part with the topics you are interested with means you are likely to get more out of it because you are gaining ideas and sharing best practice.

3) Make it more than just answering questions
I am notorious at just answering the questions. It is like a fun quiz, but that isn’t really what blog chat is all about. Interacting with other people and even disagreeing and putting forward your own views is so much more fun.

4) Use the chat to gain new and exciting blogs
The best thing I like about the chats are gaining new blogs to read. If a chat is going a little slow or I want some new bed time reading material blog chats are where I go first. I have found some lovely little blogs I wouldn’t have found otherwise through them.

5) Host your own blog chat
I have done it myself and trust me it is harder then it looks. It is scary and you do worry no one is going to take part but seriously you get out what you put in and the sense of accomplishment once the chat is over makes it all worth it.

So have fun with your Twitter chat and let me know how you get on!

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